VoicePro: The Transducer effect and how to use it


What is the Transducer effect and how do I use it?


Transducer is an all new effect for TC-Helicon products that reproduces the effects of megaphones, telephones, distortion and high and low cut filters. The effect can be applied to any combination of harmony voices, VirtuaLead or the entire mix coming from VoicePro. When teamed with the other effects from VoicePro, Transducer can be used for everything from creating the sound of a phone call heard through a telephone left on a table in a medium sized room to the popular megaphone effect in pop music production with a flanger on top. The distortion styles can range from the subtle non-linearity of an overdriven tube to the nastiest high gain buzz with an amount control allowing everything in between at unity gain.

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