VoiceSolo FX150: Firmware Update Procedure for 1.0.07 Build 26


How do I update my FX150?


Normally, connecting your FX150 to VoiceSupport and updating to the latest firmware is your best course of action. VoiceSupport can be found at http://www.tc-helicon.com/products/voicesupport/

If, however, your FX150 has a) solid "white" LED's or b) is flashing white/blue LED's and does not seem to be responding correctly, you'll need to take a different approach.

Solid while LED's - use the attached .exe file to update the firmware. It bypasses some of the connection requirements of VoiceSupport and will allow the update to proceed.

Flashing White/Blue LED's - you'll need to boot the unit into "boot mode". Turn off the FX150. Press and HOLD all three "LEVEL" buttons across the top row of the control panel while you power up the unit. Run the .exe file to update the firmware.

Make sure you read the "Help" section inside the attached program, which reiterates the above instructions and gives more detail... oh, and YES it does tell you to put the unit into the fridge! That sure sounds strange, but lowering the temperature of the processor core can assist in the unit accepting new firmware. Once the new firmware is loaded, you won't need to "chill" your unit for future updates. It's just an idiosyncrasy of this particular update to bring the unit to its correct operating state.

You will need to "unzip" the file and then run the .exe

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