VoiceSupport on a Mac: No text in dialog boxes.


I have updated my VoiceSupport software to the latest version. When I try to run the software to do updates or manage presets, I have no text in the dialog boxes, or in the drop down menu in the bottom left corner. I restarted the computer and software, and also re-installed VoiceSupport again. 
Any ideas on how to resolve?


This happens when the font that VoiceSupport uses is deleted or somehow made inaccessible by the Mac. If the font has been turned off, our program can't access it. Typically, there's a default font that will replace it, but sometimes it doesn't work.

You can try clearing the font cache.

And/or repair disk permissions, just in case a font has somehow been marked as inaccessible.

There are some articles online about using Font Book for Mac to check and make sure you don't have any duplicate fonts installed. That can cause an error which disables the font when a conflict shows up.

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