VoiceTone Create: How to edit factory presets


Is there a way to edit the factory presets on the VoiceTone Create?


The premise of super-edit mode is that you get to edit the factory patches.  It was a way for developers and beta testers to create presets. We decided to leave it in as a bonus.

Here is an overview:

Once you get into super edit mode (hold performance 2 while plugging in the unit), the display should show a “1” indicating patch 1, and the performance 1 button will be lit. In super edit mode, the knobs and buttons act differently than in normal mode:

Knob Functions

  • Patch =  Same as usual
  • Tweak X = Low Level Parameter ID
  • Tweak Y = Value of Low Level Parameter
  • Mix = Same as usual.

The super edit mode document that you will find at the bottom, has a list of all the internal low level parameters that make up a patch.  For example, here are the parameters for the transducer function:

  • Transducer Style    65
  • Transducer Routing    66
  • Transducer Distortion Amount 67
  • Transducer PreGain    68
  • Transducer PostGain    69
  • Transducer Low Cut     70
  • Transducer High Cut    71
  • Transducer Distortion Type    72

How to change settings:

  1. Select the patch you want to edit with the patch knob.
  2. Use the Tweak X knob to select the parameter you want to edit.
  3. Adjust the value using Tweak Y.  The value on the display will either be mapped from 0 to 99, or if it’s a small range, say the choice of a few transducer styles, it will show the style number 0, 1, 2, 3 etc.
  4. Store the patch by holding button 3.

Note:  If you see the display flashing when you select a parameter ID, that means that the parameter is actually under “Tweak XY” control for the patch.  That means editing it directly will have no effect, since the tweak x-y controls will overwrite it.

It might be easier to select the patch and parameter ID with the buttons:

Button Functions:

  • Performances 1 = Patch Down
  • Performances 2 = Patch Up
  • Performances 3 = Parameter ID Down
  • Performances 4 = Parameter ID Up

Left Foot Switch = Paste Patch from Clip Board (see 'hold' left foot switch function below)
Right Foot Switch = Bypass (except when tap tempo is activated)

There are also a few useful things you can do by holding down buttons:

Button Hold:

  • Performances 1 = Zero All Mixers.
  • Performances 2 = Zero all Sends and Centre Pans.
  • Performances 3 = Store Patch.
  • Performances 5 = Restore All Factory Patches (**you will lose all changes).
  • Left Foot Switch = Copy Patch to Clip Board.
  • Right Foot Switch = Engage/Disengage Tap Tempo Mode.

Cycle power to exit super edit mode.

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