VoiceTone Synth: MassiveBand vocoder explained


What’s special about the MassiveBand Vocoder in VoiceTone Synth?


The vocoder in VoiceTone Synth is called MassiveBand for a reason.

Standard vocoders manipulate 10-20 frequency bands to achieve the effect, VoiceTone Synth uses many times that amount so that it can effectively scale resolution from ultra-clearly-enunciated Robot voices to the sound of the classic, analog low-band-count vocoders we all know and love.

The benefit is that, while typical vocoders require a lot of pre-processing like distortion and EQ to hear the effect properly, with the VoiceTone Synth vocoder effect you can input signals such as clean acoustic guitar and vocode intelligibly for sounds that have never been possible before.

Even more unique is the ability to create vocoder sounds without a carrier input using the voice-controlled synth feature.

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