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What's the latest software for my Voiceworks?


The latest Voiceworks software is version 1.09.

To check the current software version of your Voiceworks, watch the display right after power up. The current software version will be displayed at the beginning of the bootup sequence.

Changes from 1.08 to 1.09

Major features additions:

  • The VoiceWorks now features a new MIDI control mode suited for users wanting a light and generic form of CC control.  The original VW software release allowed a great deal of parameter manipulation via MIDI CC controls; perfect for the advanced user. Now in addition to the original advanced CC control scheme, we offer a simplified mode of CC control called GM Basic mode. Using this mode, the VW only responds to a small set of core MIDI CC controls to simplify and improve compatibility with a wider range of generic standard MIDI files and hardware MIDI arranger products. A new parameter has been added to the setup menu allows switching between the CC control modes: "Advanced" (normal/full CC control), "GM Basic"(light CC control), and "Off" (all CCs are ignored).
  • We also added a new "Global Chord" setup parameter. When activated, chord type and root is maintained while you cycle through chordal presets.

Miscellaneous Fixes:

  • Added support for CC123 (all notes off) for MIDI stuck note 'panic'situations.'
  • Fixed: Some scale and shift presets had latch turned on even though latch doesn't apply in those modes.
  • Fixed: Turning mic on in digital mode and then switching to analog caused low level mic input.


  • All setup parameters will be reset after uploading the new software.
  • Global Chord and GM Basic mode will be enabled by default.
  • Manual updates (including SYSEX, GM Basic CC Map descriptions, and feature explanations) are available for download as a PDF from the TC Helicon website.

Changes from 1.06 to 1.08

  • Substantial improvement to MIDI CC sustain-pedal operation.
  • Cures strange chord recognition errors and stuck MIDI notes when the VoiceWorks is controlled from *certain MIDI keyboards.

So far the problem has been identified with the following keyboards: Roland A70, Roland RD700, Roland XP80, and possibly the Roland Discover.

The new software is a MIDI sysex file which can be loaded via your MIDI sequencer or with the freeware  MIDI utility MIDIOX. Download the file attachment to get the latest software.

See attached PDF for further release info. The software update is attached below.


  1. Power off the VoiceWorks.
  2. Hold down the SONG MODE button and the UP ARROW key while powering on the unit.
  3. Now turn the CONTROL knob until you see DOWNLOAD DSP CODE on the display.
  4. Press ENTER
  5. Send the sysex file from your sequencer or MIDI application.
  6. Now the numbers start scrolling to indicate the transfer progress.
  7. When it stops, turn of the unit and power it back on.
    8. Verify the current software version at power up

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