VoiceWorks / VoiceOne: What are the differences?


What are the differences between the VoiceWorks and the VoiceOne?


To choose between those two units, you first need to decide if your main focus area is to be able to generate harmony voices, or to manipulate a single voice (VoiceModeling). If harmony is your focus, go for the VoiceWorks, whereas if VoiceModeling and pitch correction is more important, go for the VoiceOne.

The Main features of the VoiceOne are :

  • Voice Modeling (TM) Effects: Inflection, Spectral, Growl, Vibrato, Breath, Resonance
  • Pitch Shifting (3 types): Instrumental, Formant-corrected, and Hybrid Pitch (TM)
  • Pitch Correction to +/- 2 octaves

The main features of the VoiceWorks are :

  • High quality Preamp with phantom power
  • 4 Harmony voices + Main voice thickener,
  • Pitch Correction
  • TC Effects processor. (compressor, EQ, Reverb/Tap delay).

The features that both units have in common are:

  • Pitch correction.
  • Harmony - to some extent (the VoiceOne only can add 1 harmony voice to your vocal, whereas the VoiceWorks gives you 4 harmony voices)

Note: The harmony voice in the VoiceOne is actually a bi-product of the pitch correction, meaning that the pitch-corrected voice output becomes the harmony. As a result of that, with the VoiceOne you cannot have your voice pitch corrected and producing a harmony voice at the same time - in the VoiceWorks, you can have pitch correction & 4-voice harmony at the same time.

Conclusively, out of the two, the VoiceOne is the most advanced voice manipulation tool, while the VoiceWorks is the best-sounding harmony processor.

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