Voicelive Play GTX: How does Switch-3 affect status of effects assigned to its buttons?


I see in "Setup" Switch-3 page 8/9 that I can assign effects ON/OFF for Switch 1, 2 and 3 respectively. What or how it will affect these effects, if I did not attached the Switch-3? Is there an indication for the effects assigned to the Switch-3 whether they are on or off ?


The status of the effects depends on how they have been stored in the preset - At preset recall, the effects that were saved as ON will be ON and the effects that were saved as OFF will be OFF. At preset recall, the Switch-3 does not play any role. 
The Switch-3 is a "passive" command - there is no ON/OFF status on the switch. This means that if an effect is assigned to a switch, and if it is ON at preset recall and you press the switch, that will turn OFF the effect. It is the same if the effect is OFF at preset recall, if you press the switch it will be turned ON.

There is no indication (by LED) that the effects are on or off.

If the Switch-3 is not connected or disconnected, nothing happens. the unit will just follow the preset effect status and the HIT button.

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