BLENDER – How do I set it up?

  1. With the power off, connect your audio sources to the input channels and headphones to the outputs. Connect the power cable to the 5V socket.
  2. Switch the power on.
  3. Press the headphone button for the first output that you want to adjust. It will light blue. Most of the other functions in this list will be applied to this output only.
  4. Turn the big knob down a bit to ensure that the level won’t be too loud.
  5. Begin playing audio into Blender.
  6. Press the input button for the first audio source. It will flash blue. If the button flashes red, reduce the output level of the audio source.
  7. Use the big knob to adjust how much of the input’s signal is sent to the currently-selected output.
  8. If you want to mix in some ambient room sound, press the Talk button and adjust the level with the big knob.
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 for any other audio sources until a balanced mix is achieved between the sources for the first pair of headphones.
  10. Press the output button for the next set of headphones and repeat steps 4-9.
  11. Visit to download the manual and learn about advanced features such as remote app control and multitrack recording.

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