GOXLR – What is compression and how do I use it?

To put it simply compression is used to control audio levels. Any sound that is too quiet is made louder, and any sound that is too loud is made quieter. The advantage of this is that it will make your microphone audio sound much more professional and easier to listen to. To help you adjust your compression to your liking we have prepared an explanation of each of the settings:

Threshold: How loud the audio has to be before compression is applied.
Ratio: How much compression is applied once triggered. For example: With a ratio of 3:1 if the signal reaches 3db it will be reduced to 1db. If the signal reaches 6db it will be reduced to 2db.
Attack: The time it takes for the signal to become fully compressed after compression has been triggered.
Release: How long it takes for the signal to become uncompressed when compression isn’t triggered.
Make-up Gain: Compression can result in a reduction of volume and the make-up gain setting is used to “Make-up” for this reduction, increasing the volume of the output.

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