How can I unlock all the elements in Guitar Rack?


How can I unlock all the extra elements, like guitar pedals and amp models, in the Guitar Rack app?


To fully unlock the Guitar Rack app, you need to connect supporting TC Helicon hardware (listed below) to your iOS device.  Note that these extra elements are not available for purchase, a connection to supporting TC Helicon hardware is required to unlock them.  In fact, there are some TC Helicon products that have no business interfacing with a guitar-centric app, but will unlock Guitar Rack all the same.  To unlock Guitar Rack, first launch the app, then connect the USB port of your TC Helicon device to the iOS device running the app - this will likely require Apple's Camera Connection Kit adapter.  Once connected, all elements - guitar pedals, amplifier models, speaker cabinets, microphones, rack effects, and the polyphonic tuner mode - will become fully unlocked for use.  The following TC Helicon hardware products will unlock all of Guitar Rack's elements:
  • Go Guitar Pro
  • Blender
  • VoiceLive 3
  • VoiceLive PlayElectric
  • VoiceLive PlayAcoustic
  • VoiceLive Play
  • VoiceLive Play GTX
  • VoiceLive Touch 2
  • VoiceLive 2
  • VoiceLive Rack
  • Perform-V
  • Perform-VK
  • Perform-VE
  • Perform-VG
  • Harmony Singer 2
  • Mic Mechanic 2
  • Duplicator
  • Critical Mass
  • TalkBox Synth
  • VoiceSolo FX150
  • SingThing
  • VoiceTone X1, T1, H1, R1, D1, E1, C1
  • VoiceTone Correct XT
  • VoiceTone Create XT
  • VoiceTone Synth
  • VoiceTone Harmony G-XT
  • Ditto Mic Looper
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Once unlocked, you do not need to keep your TC Helicon hardware connected, but the extra in-app-elements will not stay unlocked forever.  After 30 days OR 30 launches (whichever comes first) without a connection from one of the products listed above, Guitar Rack's extra elements will re-lock and require you to reconnect your TC Helicon device to unlock them again.

There are also some TC Helicon devices that will not unlock Guitar Rack's extra elements - some of these have antiquated USB descriptors that the app can't recognize, some are analog devices with no way to introduce themselves to the app, and some simply lack a USB port altogether.  The following TC Helicon devices will not unlock Guitar Rack's extra elements:
  • Go Guitar
  • Go Vocal
  • VoiceLive Touch 1
  • Harmony Singer 1
  • Mic Mechanic 1
  • VoiceTone products without a USB port (like VoiceTone Create among others)
  • Pretty much every TC Helicon product made before 2008

Before unlocking Guitar Rack, you'll still get access to some of its elements - enough to practice and make some noise.  Here's what you get for free without unlocking the app:
  • 4 pedals:  Over Drive, Super Chorus, Small Phaser, Analog Tremolo
  • 1 amp head:  Super Clean
  • 1 speaker cab:  FBlues 1x12 Combo
  • 3 microphones:  Flat, Dynamic S57, Condenser kh40
  • 4 rack effects:  Super Chorus, Analog Delay, Analog Tremolo, Small Phaser
  • Chromatic monophonic tuner (polyphonic tuner must be unlocked)
  • All other features - including metronome, backing track import, recording, MIDI learn, and more

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