My Windows DAW can't see my TC Helicon device


I'm trying to use my TC Helicon gear as a USB interface with my Windows machine, but my DAW isn't listing it as an audio device - why can't I see it? 


If you are a Windows user and cannot see your TC Helicon gear showing up as an audio device in your DAW, it’s possible Windows has helpfully disabled your device.  This is common among newly-connected audio devices in Windows, to make your device available to your DAW you will need to manually enable it.

This is done by right-clicking on the little speaker/volume icon in your system tray (next to the clock in the corner of your screen)
User-added image

Then selecting “Playback Devices”
User-added image

Inducing the “Sound” popup window, wherein you can locate your TC Helicon device (likely named “Analog Connector")
User-added image

Then right-click on your TC Helicon unit and “Enable” it as a playback device.
User-added image

Now go into this “Sound” window’s “Recording” tab, locate the device again, and “Enable” it as a recording device.
User-added image

After which Windows will now kindly allow other programs, like your DAW, to see and use your TC Helicon gear as a playback and recording device for USB audio!

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