NaturalPlay - What is it?


I've seen "NaturalPlay" in my product's menu or manual, what is this?


NaturalPlay is a feature that “listens” to your guitar, keyboard, or mixed music track and figures out which chords are being played, so that our harmony voices can make intelligent note choices when singing along with you.  Our algorithm needs to be able to hear at least the root and third of the chords being played to identify what's musically going on.  From the chord information, key/scale can be determined which allows our Harmony and HardTune effects to be perfectly fit to your music. You focus on playing your song and we figure out the rest!

NaturalPlay exists in most TC Helicon products.  If it has Harmony, it's probably using NaturalPlay.  Some TC Helicon gear only has a single input for potential chord information (Harmony Singer) while others will have multiple possible inputs (VoiceLive 3), in which case NaturalPlay is dynamically shifting its focus - if one input goes silent then NaturalPlay will begin listening to the next source of audio.  Possible NatrualPlay inputs include: an auxiliary input, USB audio, MIDI input, an instrument input, and the on-board RoomSense microphone(s).

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