Perform-V & Perform-VK: New presets from the mobile apps


What do the mobile apps offer me?  How can I use them and their new presets?


Both Perform-V and Perform-VK have free companion apps (for Android and iOS) you can use to send new presets and effects to your TC Helicon device.  These new presets may be fresh combinations of effects already on your hardware, or they may include entirely new effects not present in an out-of-the-box Perform unit.

Once you've installed and opened our app, you can view presets sorted in a couple different ways.  "Genre" sorts presets by their intended musical genre, as well as presets with just a singled-out effect (ex. HardTune).  "Songs" will show you a list of presets which are all modeled after a particular band or song.

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When you've navigated to a preset you're interested in, select your destination preset on your Perform-V/Perform-VK by enabling it (eg. if you're currently using Preset 2 and the "2" button is green, the beamed preset will go to Preset 2).

There are two ways to get a new preset from the app onto your Perform-V/Perform-VK:  Beaming or USB

The simplest method is to wirelessly "beam" the preset into your unit.  Beaming a preset entails your phone screeching the old dial-up modem sound into the Perform's on-board microphone, with a press of the "Beam" button a preset is sent through the air via audio into the unit.  Both Perform-V and Perform-VK have a microphone located on the bottom-right of the front panel, it lives under the tiny hole below the Preset "3" button.  Holding your mobile device's speaker up to the Perform's microphone is recommended and will improve your chances of a successful beam.  Please increase your mobile device's output volume so that the Perform can hear the beam (note: some iPhone models distort their speaker output at max volume, so iPhone users may need to lower their output a couple notches below the max).
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USB Transfer
If you're in an already-noisy environment, changing presets while performing live, or you just don't want to hear your phone screaming at your gear, you can transfer presets from the app via a direct USB connection to your Perform unit.  All you need is a physical connection from the Perform's USB-mini port to your mobile device - this will likely entail some kind of USB adapter for Android devices (AKA an On the Go “OTG” cable) or the Camera Connection Kit for iOS devices.  Open the app first, and then connect your Perform-V/Perform-VK.  Once a connection between the two devices is established, the app will display a popup at the bottom of the screen saying so, and you'll see a little lightning bolt in the top-right of the app.  There are no hidden connection settings within the app, so if this isn't working there may be something in your mobile device's settings preventing a USB connection, or you may be using a cable/adapter not intended to send data (power-only).
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A solid lightning bolt as pictured above indicates your app is currently connected to the hardware and can now send presets over!  Tapping the bolt icon will hollow it out, which is a soft-disconnect so you don't accidentally send over presets during a performance.  You can navigate to a preset within the app, and silently carry out a direct preset transfer onto your Perform-V/Perform-VK.
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Upon a successful transfer (by beaming or USB), the currently selected preset on your Perform will flash blue to indicate your unit has received the new preset.

Using and Editing a Beamed Preset
The process to change the sound of Harmony, Double, Reverb, and Echo effects within a beamed preset is exactly the same as it was before beaming, with one small exception… When you press+hold an effect's respective button to edit in a beamed preset, you’ll notice that the LED ring is now a light baby blue color - that’s the new Style imported with the beamed preset. You can control the level of that Style, or change back to one of the “factory” Styles by turning the center Control Knob. If you press and hold the "1", "2", or "3" button (whichever preset is currently active) you can make an adjustment to the sound of one of the other effects within the preset too.  Here’s a little chart to show you what you can control, depending on which effects are contained in the beamed preset:
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Here’s an example: If the preset contains both Harmony and HardTune (row 5) the “Modifier” on the current preset button ("1", "2", or "3") is the Harmony Level. If the preset contains Megaphone and μMod (row 8) the "Modifier" is the μMod level.

There is also a new function introduced alongside beamed presets - the "Hit" preset.  This is essentially another preset within a preset, or you can think of it as a way to toggle multiple effects with one button.  A common example of Hit is a preset that starts out with a simple Reverb, then adds both Harmony and Echo via Hit. You can use Hit either for subtle variations (e.g. between verse and chorus settings in your ballads) or for really dramatic changes. Feel free to experiment!  Hit is controlled dynamically, which means you can make changes to each Hit “state” whenever you choose, and those changes are saved on-the-fly same as your regular preset editing.
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Here is where you can find the mobile apps, hundreds of new presets for free!  Please note that the Perform-V app will not work with Perform-VK hardware, and vice versa, so please get the corresponding app for your piece of gear.

Perform-V app for Android
Perform-V app for iOS

Perform-VK app for Android
Perform-VK app for iOS

If you don't have an Android or iOS device but still would like new presets in your Perform-V or Perform-VK, we have you covered too!  Our free desktop application VoiceSupport 2 gives you access to our Cloud of downloadable presets, which you can send to your unit through a USB connection from your Windows or Mac computer.

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