TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 / VoiceLive 3 Extreme – How do I use guitar, MIDI or auxiliary input for key detection?

Detecting key through an external source
1. Press the Vocal button on the unit.
2. Under the Harmony tab turn the selection wheel until the NATPLAY SRC setting is highlighted.
3. To use a guitar to set key choose GUITAR
4. To use MIDI to detect key select MIDI
5. To use the Auxiliary input to detect key choose AUX/MON
6. To use a USB device to detect key choose USB
7. To allow the unit to automatically detect an input for key detection choose AUTOSENSE.

Detecting key silently
1. Press HOME next to the selection wheel.
2. Turn the far left pot located under the screen once to bring up the MIX SETTINGS.
3.  You now have access to Guitar Output Volume, AUX output volume and USB output volume. Set the relevant output as low as it will allow.
4. You should now be able to detect key using your desired method without outputting the source of your key detection.

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