VOICESUPPORT 2 - How do I update my firmware?

How Do I Update My Firmware? 

First download the Voicesupport 2 Application for your Computer.

Connect your Pedal Directly to your Computer Using a USB cable, and then open the Voicesupport 2 Application. 

The VS2 App should detect your Unit, If not simply press the Scan Button. Once Located select your Pedal and then Press the Update Button, You should then see a menu with all available Firmwares for your unit. Select the Most recent Firmware and then Start Update. 

It is Extremely Important that you DO NOT disturb or disconnect the pedal or app during this process. Doing so could corrupt the firmware and brick your unit. 

Once completed, Disconnect the Pedal from the Application and your computer, power cycle the unit, and you are now fully updated. 

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